Ebb & Flow Boutique, Manly Harbour Village

Nautical, Coastal and Island lifestyle is how Julieann describes the vibe of Ebb & Flow boutique. It is a befitting description reflecting its Manly Harbour Village setting on the upper reaches of Cambridge Parade. Homewares, gifts and - what she calls as ‘Slow Fashion’ - are on offer in this eclectic and intimate boutique. Open since 2013, it has its origins in the Julien Star Photography Studio – formally Southern Star Photography - which opened 10 years prior and specialised in Property and Family photography. Increased competition within the industry led to diversification with the studio and they became the first coffee outlert in the immediate vicinity. With Julien locating the Studio to home Julieann threw her energies into other creative passions to bring Ebb & Flow to life “I’ve always liked styling and nesting and saw a need for a niche home and fashion boutique in Manly Harbour Village” she says. Her original products were on consignment as she gradually built up stock and range to a growing appreciative clientele base both local and visitors alike. Special Mother’s Day and VIP Anniversary evenings have helped create a bond with her loyal customers. She owes her multi-work ethic to growing up in a hardworking family that moved across Australia as part of her father’s postings. Her creativity and love of photography grew on meeting her husband Julien whilst working in the cruise industry. She continued her wanderings on the oceans with Julien before they decided to settle in Wynnum and bring up a family. As avid sailors they decided the bayside was an ideal base loving its community and nature ambience. They followed their love of sailing when their children were young on a trip to the Mediterranean. She sees a bright future ahead for Manly Harbour Village with the addition of the bud lighting in the streetscape and beatification plans by Brisbane City Council. “Wynnum Manly is a wonderful place to live with the unique village ambience of the Bay” she says. “It’s why it will always be popular for visitor across Brisbane to escape the city.”