Pangea 3D Contour Maps

Pangea 3D Contour Maps

Pangea Maps was born out of a love for the water. The vastness and beauty below the water’s surface is what we wanted to capture. Using bathymetric data our 3D maps depict the contours of the ocean floor and reveal those treasured spots where we can surf, dive, swim, sail and play.

“Pangea” was the first supercontinent which, over 300 million years, broke up into the 7 continents we know today. It is the coastlines of these continents that form our saltwater playground and inspire what we do.

We are passionate about protecting the world’s oceans and coastlines. We hope that our maps can help people to connect with their environment by appreciating it from a whole new perspective.

The Founder

Tom Percy is an Industrial Designer with nearly a decade of experience. Whilst working full-time he developed and refined his vision of 3D ocean maps as a personal side project. His passion for the water extends beyond art into windsurfing, skiing and sailing, as well as protecting our coastlines. 

The first map created was of Moreton Bay in Australia, home to Tom and his partner Bernadette. It was a present for his father’s birthday and was received with great enthusiasm. Since then he has produced maps of countless coastlines. With custom requests for locations from all around the globe, Pangea Maps continues to grow.

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