Estate Rug

  • $189.00

Estate Rug

The Estate rug:

100% Jute Rugs

Chunky rugs that add elegance and poise to your space

Hand braided in India by skilled artisans for exceptional craftsmanship and quality

Eco-friendly jute is a renewable resource so it's better for the environment and your peace of mind

Perfect for adorning your living area, bedroom, or study for an organic look and feel

Brings comfort and warmth to your flooring while emboldening your look with colour and texture

Easy to vacuum

Eco friendly products for your outdoor & indoor needs. These products add to your comfort while aesthetically enhancing your surroundings.

Our designs are inspired by the talent, creativity and lifestyles of people around the world. We proudly present an assimilation of several cultural influences.

These Rugs are made of recycled polypropylene and will meet your Outdoor & Indoor needs.