Large Heart Ceramic Tag 'Love you Mum'

  • $14.00

Large Heart Ceramic Tag 'Love you Mum'

Large Heart Ceramic Tag that says 'Love you Mum'Made from ceramic on a 8 cm gloss glazed round tag with cotton twine. Available in Black and Pink.

After studying Industrial Design in New Zealand, Caroline C travelled to London and completed an Interior Design course in Sloane Square, immersing myself with the design houses I had always read about.

On completion of the course Caroline was offered a design position with a European kitchen company in Portugal. Between being trained in Germany and designing in Portugal it was a fun 3 years working on beautiful Villas positioned around the most stunning golf courses and beaches in the Algarve.

On Carolines return to Australia it was her interest in handpainted ceramics and tiles from Portugal that lead her to creating my own ceramic pieces and jewellery.

She loves creating personalised one off pieces for weddings and christenings and many special occasions worthy of a celebration.

"It’s kind of nice to think perhaps my designs become keepsakes and are treasured for years to come as a reminder of an event in someones life." Caroline C.